Donald A. Marchand


Business Profile

Dr. Marchand is Founder, Chairman and President of enterpriseIQ® a leading business analytics company. Founded after four years of research conducted at IMD International, enterpriseIQ® is the first to scientifically validate a link between business performance and companies' management and use of people, information and technology. 

Benchmarked against a dynamic corporate database, companies find out how effectively their information and technology are managed, and how well their people use information to achieve strategic goals and superior business results. Clients improve their information capabilities and overall business effectiveness using proprietary tools and products that are linked to bottom line performance improvements.

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Dr. Marchand serves as Executive Vice President and Board Member, Marchand Management Strategies Inc.,
a New York corporation.

MMSI provides planning, project management and strategic consulting services to business, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.  Dr. Marchand offers strategic and customized consulting services for senior business and information executives in global companies seeking to maximize competitive advantage with information technology.  These services are provided in a variety of formats designed to meet individual client needs, including on-site counselling, executive team facilitation, seminars and workshops.


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