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Dr. Donald A. Marchand is Professor of Strategy Execution and Information Management at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland. His special research and teaching interests include how organizations and leaders use information and knowledge to collaborate and compete, how companies develop business models to leverage standardization and flexibility in processes and information systems locally, regionally and globally, and how leaders create organizations where people can fully share and act on what they know and discover what they do not know to learn and change closer to real time

Professor Marchand’s current research focuses on “leading great human achievements”, such as the Olympic Games in sports and the CERN Atlas Project in high energy particle physics, where human aspirations, values and principles are ambitious, financial resources are in the billions, and human collaboration on a global scale must be developed to successfully pool ideas, share learning and innovation, and mobilize thousands of people over many years to execute these initiatives successfully

Professor Marchand brings to his research, teaching and executive program development at IMD four sets of experiences over 30 years: First, he has been a pioneer in the fields of information and technology (IT) management. From 1975 -1987, Donald Marchand was an internationally recognized researcher, teacher and consultant on information policy and technology management in the public and private sectors in the United States. He was an advisor to the White House, US Congress, and numerous federal, state and local government agencies. He founded and directed the Institute for Information Management, Technology and Policy in the College of Business at the University of South Carolina which organized innovative programs in artificial intelligence, expert systems, economic development and the strategic management of IT in business and government. His 1986 co-authored book, INFOTRENDS: Profiting from Your Information Resources (John Wiley), established Professor Marchand as an international expert and popular speaker on the centrality of information management and technology to the competitive strategies of industries, companies and managers.

Second, from 1987-1994, Professor Marchand became Dean of the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. During his tenure, the School of Information Studies grew rapidly with an interdisciplinary faculty through innovation in undergraduate and graduate educational programs, and funded research to become a leading professional school in the evolving field of information management in the US and internationally. Professor Marchand now serves on the Board of Advisors of the “I School”, the leading information management school in the US shaping tomorrow’s knowledge and curricula for leaders and managers in business, government, libraries and education.

Third, at IMD since 1994, he has directed executive development programs for ABB, Commerzbank, Degussa, Daimler Financial Services, HSBC, Norske Skog, Novartis, Siemens and Shell and has taught in over 20 public programs and over 70 partnership programs. He has authored over 50 cases, teaching notes and videos for companies as diverse as Cemex, Citigroup, Dell, H-P, Heineken, Holcim, MAS Holdings, Ping An and Sony. Donald Marchand has contributed two edited books, Competing with Information (John Wiley, 2000) and Mastering Information Management (FT-Prentice-Hall, 2000),over 30 book chapters and 100 articles for journals and business magazines such as the European Management Journal, Harvard Business Review-China, Peking University Business Review and the Sloan Management Review. From 1997 - 2000, he directed the largest externally funded Partnership Research Project at IMD entitled Navigating Business Success. This innovative study scientifically examined for the first time the perspectives of senior managers on the effective use of information, people and IT capabilities in improving business performance. The study involved 1200 managers and over 200 senior management teams from 103 companies. The research findings were published in Information Orientation: The Link to Performance (Oxford University Press, 2001) and the management approach, cases and prescriptions were published by John Wiley and Sons in Making the Invisible Visible: how companies win with the right information, people and IT (2001).

Fourth, in late 2000, as a spin-off of IMD research, Professor Marchand co-founded a Swiss-based company, enterpriseIQ®, ( as the first business analytics company to develop scientifically based metrics for measuring how effectively a company manages and uses knowledge, information, people and technology in its business. In recent years, enterpriseIQ® has worked with leading companies in Europe, the US, Middle East, Latin Amercia and Asia Pacific to measure and benchmark the information capabilities and Information Orientation Maturity of their managers and people on a local and global basis. Professor Marchand has been in the unique position of taking his ideas from research directly to management practice.

Professor Marchand seeks to combine academic intellectual curiosity with rigor and relevance in all activities. Over the years, he has been an advisor and consultant to over 100 companies as well as public and not-for- profit organizations globally.

He received his BA from the University of California, Berkeley and his MA, PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles.


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